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webdesignersglasgowRecently, I got all excited to develop my own blogging website. I cannot say from where this desire to develop a website started slipping into my mind but I knew that I had to and I wanted a full-fledged blog. I had not decided the content that I would offer to the people through my blog so I just stuck with posting blogs about my hobbies, travel trips and my lifestyle in general. As the planning part came to end, I approached a web design Glasgow Company to execute my plan gradually.

I did not know anything about developing a website yet I managed to understand the core elements involved in developing a blogging site. I watched a few tutorials online and noted down the essentials that I would have to encounter at some point or the other. These essentials were as follows:

  • Get a domain name registered that would help my blog to have its own unique identity over the internet.
  • Get web hosting done from a reliable company.
  • Install a content management system so that I could upload and manage my content.
  • Design the blog site in a unique way so that it could look appealing to the ones who drop by my site to read my blogs.
  • And a few other minor setting that needed to be taken care of.

I had some idea about purchasing a domain name and registering with a website hosting company. So I did not waste any time in the first two steps and got them done in less than an hour. Nowadays, web-hosting companies offer hosting services that come bundled with a content management system. As I completed paying for my hosting plan, a few clicks are all that took me to install a full-fledged CMS over my blogging portal. I took care of the first three steps on my own and the next step had brought me a big challenge.

It was time for me to design my website and unfortunately, I was not a web design coder. I knew that I would need help from professionals to get over this part and that is when I contacted a website design Glasgow Company after obtaining its contact details over the internet. I conveyed all my requirements and got information about the services and fortunately, the cost involved for designing fell right under the budget range that I had in mind. It took about 2 weeks for these experts to execute the design that I had in mind.

In the end, the wait was worth it and the money that I invested met its value as I was handed with the admin details of my new blogging website. The site looked amazing with different menus and widgets. There were plenty of options included in the portal. In short, I was extremely happy with my decision to approach web designers Glasgow and get things done professionally. These experts also taught me how to manage the entire CMS system and I have to say I was quite impressed with the services rendered to me.

Contact :
272 Bath Street,
Glasgow, G2 4JR
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