Do we have a soul? Yes, take a closer look at your surrounding!

Have you ever wondered about the existence of the soul? Do we have a soul? If yes, then where does it exist? If no, then how do we exist in the first place? Questions like these claimed many nights for me. I have been pondering on philosophical and anthropological subjects for many years. Eventually my line of interest switched to discovering spiritual topics such as universe, soul and time. The thought that troubles me the most is to trace our very own existence. I always keep wondering the science behind the existence of soul and the components it is made up of.

To understand the subject from an in-depth manner, I have referred to many books that have written by different renowned authors. In the end, I came to a conclusion that is complicated yet certainly logical. From my perspective, I believe that our existence is not real. Our bodies are made up of elements that constitute the universe. In fact, the atoms and molecules that are present at different layers make our body touchable and the presence felt by other individual. However, when it comes to the soul, not many people have a clear idea about it.

This is where I stressed importance and started tracing out roots that actually represented some logical insights. As far as, I have been able to trace, I would say that the soul is always present in a conscious state. This conscience is not visible, as it exists in the spiritual state. I have been tracking down the mystery that keeps the conscience alive and I have to say that after a certain point of time, I started getting agnostic. I realized that there are things in the universe that is simply out of our grasp. The potential of human beings to penetrate through the origins of our existence can at times out of our limits.

I have also come up with another theory that provides a fitting response for the question do we have a soul? It is right to assume that the air that we breathe, the nature we rely on itself is the soul that fuels the existence of the nature. Moreover, we as human beings share an extremely small part in the nature’s existence. As a result, it can be rightly said that nature itself is the soul that acts as a crucial factor aiding us to survive. The concept of soul viewed from a spiritual perspective it can be rightly said that the more we destroy nature, the more our soul is contaminated. In today’s progressing age, nobody actually cares protecting the aura that keeps us alive.

As a result, I firmly believe that it is important for us protect the nature. Getting one with the energy that is emitted from our surroundings is something that every individual should be aware of. Our existence is dependant over the surrounding vibes and as a result we should undertake measures that can protect the universe. To understand and garner more insights about the universe, click on this provided link

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