Sourcing specialists for hiring the right candidate

rpocompanyindiaPainful fact; a skill mismatch between the employers and the employees is a huge cost to the both. Concentrating on employer side of recruitment procedures, the preferential hiring of agencies can essentially act as match makers between the employer and the employee. Being experts in their area of work they can easily fill the gap between the employers’ expectations and employee delivery.

Today’s business houses do not have time to hunt for the right candidate from the plethora of applications they receive. This is where these recruiting agencies step in, with their expertise and necessary resources they allow companies to finally interview only the right candidate. Being dedicated sourcing specialists they build strong relations with the clients understanding their end to end requirement for the position, before proceeding towards the actual staffing requirements. Over the period they gain expertise in understanding or pre-empting the clients’ requirement, hence keeping the hiring cycle smooth.

Being end to end recruitment solution providers they also alleviate the recruiting time and pressures off the employers thus allowing them to concentrate on critical tasks like creating the right job profile for the position by minimizing the skill gaps. Hiring a dedicated sourcing specialist involves costs which ideally is less than the hassle of going through thousands of applications. The advantage of using their services cannot be ignored primarily due to the pool of resources with variety of skills across the business sectors existing in their database.

The companies generally work on a pressurized targeted hiring time line, and a well known fact is that the applications received may have hyped or incomplete profile details. Working under pressure the in house recruiters generally skim through the applications looking for optimized key words. Failing on the fact that nailing on the keywords may not fetch the skill set required for the position, leading to inaccuracy of hiring. Capitalizing on this the agencies have dedicated recruitment resource and the specialists who are experienced to screen these resources and connect it both with the keywords and the skill sets before forwarding it to the company for final approval.

End to end recruitment can be successful when the employers are guided in the correct direction with suitable applications that fits the organizations requirements and the positions abilities. This advantageous handholding results in lesser turnover rates, job satisfactions, reduced hiring and induction cost and most importantly higher output.

Being the specialist of their industry they have good knowledge of the market with respect to current salary structures, skill sets, hiring complexities and career expectations etc. Their dedicated recruitment resource act as excellent collaborators between the organizational requirement and the candidates’ performance based skill sets. Simultaneously their extended reach in various sectors can also help the organizations update or reformulate the strategic skill sets as per the current business market as these recruiters meet both people and companies with range of skills and experiences.

The crux is that these recruitment agencies not only provide flexible solutions but are excellent leverage between both an organization and the candidate via their exceptional networking skills, access to key skill sets and the recruitment experience.

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