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universal_soul_loveThe first thing that a motivational speaker does is to identify his audience. A large number of people today require direction and cheering in order to lead a stable life. According to the changing scenario, people start adapting to the situation. Personal empowerment is essential and one has to strive hard in order to seek the real motive of life. How wonderful it is to listen to the radio while at the workplace and encouraged to take on new challenges. Every individual at a certain point in life feels the necessity to reclaim the inner strength.

Nature has bestowed everyone with the strength and ability to deal with different kinds of situations. It is essential to retain that strength, stir it a little and imply it to tackle things. One does not have to compromise on things that do not make him happy. Ever since I heard the talk show of Det. David Love, I was highly spirited to take on every challenge coming at me. The routine schedule had almost transformed me into a dreary person. I hated things the way they were, and it seemed like my whole life had drained away in fulfilling things, which I never even wanted in the first place.

Technology has taken over in the recent years where people have found it an interesting tool to express their views. I was a regular fan of the talk show universal soul love on the radio. It was an engrossing show as Det David had a way to approach the minds of people and make them do things that seemed impossible at times. This radio reduced my time of visiting a counselor to seek personal motivational guidance. As a result of my monotonous lifestyle, I had turned into a robot, but after listening to the radio show on a daily basis, I regained my lost enthusiasm. I had never felt so ecstatic! How often does one enjoy the small things in life in order to make a huge difference? A seldom tale, Det David instilled the much needed self-empowerment to the point where no one could infantilize me.

After my graduation, there was a phase of unemployment. Several opportunities came my way, but I was not able to score my best. Most times, I would ponder about what I wanted to be in life. A void inside me was always taunting me to do something else. Completing my studies and majoring in marketing was never my forte, it was my parents’ wish. I always admired art and wanted to make it big in the world of colors. A gifted painter, all through my childhood I had achieved accolades, won competitions, so much, so that I had started considering making a career out of it. An Art school was my first preference but my parents had something else in mind. The radio show managed to instill a sense of spiritual awakening in me and I gained confidence in achieving everything I had ever dreamt.  Putting away things that bothered me was done by saying adieu to the marketing career.

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