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I wanted to build a strong social presence in order to market my new clothing business and as I was getting started, I was on my hunt to find reliable Facebook marketing software. Leading social media websites allow people to create their own business pages and build their audience. I thought of doing the same as these undertaking these measures do not cost a penny and the benefits associated with it helps in expanding my line of business. My company was into printing t-shirts for college students. Since the beginning, it was quite clear to me that my target audience fall under the age group of eighteen to twenty-five.

I made a professional page and with all the people added in my friends list, it did not take much time for me to land a whooping 187 likes within the first day. The likes on the page were on the rise, I was planning to publish the first post and things were going great. Three months passed by, the audience over my page rose to about 517 however, somewhere along the line, I felt something is not right. It was as if the post that I uploaded from my page did not have any effect. Or maybe the reach of my post was limited. There was some bother issue lying and digging that out was something I was extremely concerned with.

As I kept researching over the issue, I understood that the Facebook algorithms are updated often. These algorithms do not bother considering pages that do not offer fresh content frequently. I also read many threads and blog posts relating to Facebook that revealed the efforts being placed by experts to optimize Facebook algorithms as effectively as possible. With all these measures put down to practice, it was quite clear to me that simply developing a page and sharing it over my own profile ten times a day would definitely not do me any good. At this point, I thought of installing Squirrel Post Scraper, which is advanced marketing software.

What is software does in quite fascinating and extremely useful. This software enables to scrape posts from pages that are similar to mine. Let us take an example of a popular clothing brand. This particular brand has a Facebook page with an audience of more than two hundred thousand people and the posts that get published from this page does exceptionally well with its audience. What Squirrel Post Scraper does is scrape the content of the post rather than duplicating it. This software enables the user to develop similar posts that are being published by the pages that enjoy a large target audience.

As a result, the effectiveness of my post automatically starts to rise. Now some people may think that undertaking such measures would cause an issue to my Facebook page however for those who hold onto such doubts, I have to mention that using such tactics are legal with the Facebook policies. After I started using this software as my Facebook auto publisher, the target audience under my page shot up to more than 5000 in the next three months.

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