Why Taking an Active Holidays Trip is Must

walking-holidaysAt the age of 24 years, I was happy and healthy with a great job and an amazing circle of friends. I was living my dream of being a full time freelance writer but deep within I knew that something was missing. Despite being blessed with all the good things in life, I felt vegetated and needed some active holidays.

I was well aware that my hunger for adventure, to explore and experience was getting to my head with each passing day. I wanted to get wild and free. To fulfil my needs I ended up signing up for an active holidays trip and taking this trip has helped me quench my thirst for adventure. I felt a lot better after encountering the experience of newness on this trip.

I understood what active holidays are after I saw a recent documentary. This documentary highlighted the journey of a young traveller and how he got an opportunity to understand the good things in life, which many are unaware of. I was extremely influenced after watching this short movie and I thought of experiencing the same.

I pulled out my laptop and started surfing through the internet to plan a vacation. I knew I was not going to settle for some ordinary vacation that just involved good food, beaches, partying and clubbing. I was seeking adventure, thrill, and excitement and my hunger to garner these experiences eventually led me to sign up for active holidays.

I found an amazing web portal that was dedicated to assisting people who were trying to welcome the unknown experiences of active holidays. This portal had three questions for me, which was to select a country, select an outdoor activity that I had desired, and choose a region where I would love to go.

I chose Scotland to be my destination and subscribed for a multi activity plan. This plan had many things to offer with outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking, hiking, yoga, and canoeing. As I subscribed to the plan, I received an email conformation that served as proof.

I cleared all other formalities of flying abroad and with each passing day, my excitement simply amplified. The day had finally come for me to fly, I was slightly nervous about this trip as it was just me alone but I am grateful to the travel group with whom I took the package as they had assigned some down to earth tour guides with me.

The trip had begun and I reached Scotland after a span of eight hours. I was taken to the hotel room wherein many travel enthusiasts had been accommodated. The next morning, sharp at 8 am the travellers were assembled and provided with bicycles and a map of the distance that needed to be covered.

I loved riding through the hilly terrains of Scotland. Followed by that, there was a surfing session on day 2 and a scuba diving session on day 3. After heading back home, I realised how rejuvenated my senses felt. In addition to that, I also had tons of stories to brag about to my friends. This trip was extremely memorable with lots of new experiences.
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